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Volunteering at The Loxton Historical Village

The Village has an active volunteer program that offers a wide range of activities in which people can utilise their skills and develop their interests.

Maintenance, Restoration and Outdoor Volunteers

With five acres of grounds to maintain - as well as 45 buildings and their contents - there is always an on-going project in which to become involved. You can join an existing team of volunteers, or elect to work on projects with like-minded people in smaller groups. Work health and safety is a major consideration for the Village and all volunteers wishing to work with hand tools or machinery will need to successfully complete competency assessments.

An active restoration program ensures that vehicles and machinery are maintained in good working order, so if tinkering with tools and engines is your passion, the Village is the place for you.

Education, Catering and Working Days

The Village conducts an active education program, regular 'Alive Days', and can cater for groups and functions on site. Volunteers can also become involved with activities such as butter, damper and rope making.

Apply to be a Volunteer at the Village

There are procedures to be undertaken in order to become a volunteer at the Village. We aim to ensure that volunteers can actively contribute to the current aims and objectives of the volunteer program. All volunteers are supported by our staff.

 More Information

We encourage all volunteers to discuss what they hope to achieve by volunteering. This may include meeting new people, learning new skills or just getting involved in something different. Our Volunteer Coordinator will discuss the roles that are currently vacant at the Village, and how your skills can best be effectively utilised.
Please phone The Village on 08 8584 7194 for an appointment.

Roles, Responsibilities and Inductions

You will be provided with a role description and advised of the responsibilities involved in being a volunteer at the Village. We hold regular group induction sessions, so you should find a time that suits your schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be some roles for which induction is required before beginning volunteering at the Village.

Volunteer Buddies

Depending on your role and the skills you can offer, you will commence your volunteering by partnering with other volunteers. We want you to feel welcome within the Village volunteer community and benefit from the experience and knowledge of existing volunteers.

Pictured above: Past and present volunteers at The Village, September 2000.The volunteers have dedicated many thousands of hours to the Village since its establishment, playing a vital role in its success. They regularly host Village Alive days and restore, renovate and maintain the displays along with catering to visiting groups and for Village functions.

Volunteer Application Form

Please call into the village and pickup from the Staff.

        Or talk to the staff in the entry building.

Above: Volunteers working on restoring some machinery.

Above: Some volunteers  May 2021.

Above: A volunteer demonstrating blacksmithing at a Village Alive day.

Above: The volunteers rope making.



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